History department welcomes new teacher

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History department welcomes new teacher

Darla Shaler

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The history department welcomed new teacher Donald Broussard into Room 1002 at the start of the second semester.
Broussard filled the teaching position vacated by Geri Wheatley after she retired at the end of first semester. He is teaching AP Comparative Government and Politics and World Geography. He is also in charge of the Speech and Debate Club and the mock trial team.
Broussard previously performed consulting work with Thrive Academy and other schools in Mississippi where he established teacher orientations for charter schools. He lived in Mississippi for two years as he took care of his mother.
He moved back to Louisiana about a year ago to be closer to his four kids and because he recently got married.
Broussard graduated from Lafayette High School and attended Alabama A&M University. He first started teaching in 2006.
Principal Nanette McCann attempted to recruit Broussard at BRHS for over a year.
He is excited about the challenge of teaching students halfway through the semester.
“I’m extremely excited about the high expectations here as opposed to a lot of the other schools out there,” said Broussard.
“It’s refreshing for me to do a reboot for myself and to be in a situation where it’s diverse in regards of religion, class, and race. I’m excited about the challenge to educate.
“It’s difficult for me to break the habits of students, but the challenge itself is invigorating.”
Broussard’s wife also teaches for the EBR school system.
When not teaching, he enjoys reading, cooking, playing sports, and spending time with his family.

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