Talented Drama’s Circle Mirror Transformation captivates audience

Jeanne Smith, Campus Currents

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The black box was filled with a roller coaster of emotions from irate to heartbroken and sarcastic to forgiving when Talented Drama IV performed Circle Mirror Transformation written by Annie Baker. The play encompasses a comedic yet heartfelt look into each character’s personal life told through everyone’s eyes.

All the characters were enrolled in a drama class taught by Marty, played by Madison Henderson. Teresa, played by Rose Johnson, is just getting over her last relationship and takes each day as it comes. Lauren, portrayed by Ja’Mya Rucker, just wants to learn some real acting.

Shultz, played by Brent Threadgill,  doesn’t really know why he’s there, and James played by Devin Bureau, has a secret of his own that he shares. Everyone comes for different reasons and ends up in the same place.

Talented Drama Instructor J. Glenn McMahon directed with Grace Martin as stage manager and Rion Carr as the technical director.

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