Campus Currents reviews the 13th Gate

Olivia Williams, Campus Currents

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If you’re looking for a freaky Friday with your friends, the 13th Gate just may be the spot for you….if you really like scares and are willing to wait in line.

Located under the interstate downtown, across from The Pastime, the 13th Gate might be easy to miss at night because it’s painted in black. But what you won’t miss is the crowd of people outside, wrapped around the block to tour the haunted house. I waited for close to two hours in line and other eventgoers constantly tried to skip me in line. But once I got in, we were all single file and they scanned our tickets (which you have to buy online.)

The first thing I noticed was that it was really hot, which is to be expected of a place with so many people, but still, it was ridiculous. There were people who were sweating which created a horrible stench next to the artificial one the 13th Gate produced for special effects. The scares were similar to the ones in previous years: clowns, etc. The clowns were actually annoying because they do it every year and I was clowned-out after “It.”

The actors did not disappoint. I was actually scared to the point of tears, and decided to close my eyes for the latter portion of the tour.

So, if you really like that kind of stuff, you’ll be in heaven. The tour took about 45 minutes. Was it worth the two-hour wait and almost $40.00?


All in all, I give it two pumpkins.

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