Class of 2017 questions and answers

Arely Infante, Lifestyle Editor

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  1. What senior was the president of NHS this year?
  2. Which senior made a profit of 10,000 dollars within the first four months of his business “Aglow Lites”?
  3. Which senior got suspended for an illegal promposal?
  4. Which senior performed as Eminem during the FCA talent show?
  5. Who won winter formal queen and king this year?
  6. Who ran over a curb and knocked down a tree in the student parking lot?
  7. What student was yearbook and newspaper editor ?
  8. What senior dropped the hottest mixtape?
  9. Who dropped out junior year to go to Cambridge?
  10. What senior got two hundred and twenty five hours in one year as a new key club member?
  11. What teacher retired the senior class during their freshman year?
  12. What senior pulled Mrs. Cutrone’s ponytail freshman year?








  1. Zhixan (Cindy) Zhuang
  2. Ethan Sam
  3. Jarius Wells
  4. James Liddy
  5. Coco Pelliser and Thomas Campbell
  6. Ari Hottman
  7. Jaye Landry
  8. Abdallah
  9. Kadi Runnels
  10. Brianna Olalaken
  11. Antoine
  12. Ingrid Crittenden


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