Lifelong friends part ways after high school graduation

Jessica Galloway, Editor in Chief

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Scott Elder and James Liddy. These seniors are parts of groups that have attended school together since elementary school. (Not pictured: Maci Fry)

As high school comes to an end, a lot of seniors are having to face the reality of being separated from their lifelong friends. The majority of high schoolers made their good friends over the past four years, but there are a few who have been friends since elementary school.

One group who has been together since elementary school is Scott Elder, Maci Fry, and James Liddy.

“We all started going to school together in kindergarten and had class together all through elementary,” said Elder.

“We rode the bus together in elementary school, and then in middle school we carpooled together because we all lived in the same neighborhood,” said Fry.

“If you had told little fifth grade us what we were up to today, we would be very surprised,” said Fry.

The trio are all going off to different colleges in the fall. Elder will be attending the University of Washington in Seattle, Fry will be attending University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and Liddy will be attending the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia.

“Being so far apart will be a big change, but keeping in touch with each other won’t be hard with social media and everything,” said Elder

“We’ll be coming back during holidays and everything, and we’ll definitely be seeing each other during those times,” said Liddy, who is still neighbors with Elder.

Another lifelong friend group who are going their separate ways after high school is Chi Cao, Mason Guillot, Marie Neubraner, and Sravya Pochana. In the fall, Guillot and Pochana will be attending Louisiana State University, Cao will be attending the University of Texas at Austin, and Neubraner will be attending the University of Alabama.

“Going to school without them will be so strange because when I think of school, they are just apart of the equation,” said Neubraner. The group has been attending school together since they started kindergarten at Bernard Terrace and have always been at the top of their class together.

“We aren’t very competitive with each other, but seeing each other do well drives us to work hard,” said Pochana.

Pochana and Guillot are excited to see more of each other during their time at LSU, and Cao and Neubraner plan to visit often. They also plan on staying in touch through social media, but acknowledge that it won’t be the same as seeing each other in class everyday for the past thirteen years.

Whether they’ve been friends their whole lives or just met last year, graduating high school will be a bittersweet occasion for many students.

Marie Neubrander, Mason Guillot and Chi Cao. These seniors are parts of groups that have attended school together since elementary school.

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