Class president admitted to Vanderbilt with full ride scholarship

Ariana Allison, Diversity Editor

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If receiving a full scholarship to Vanderbilt University or being class president for the past two years doesn’t impress you, then her many other accomplishments will.

Senior Loveis Jackson has always been involved with her class, especially these past two years. She has served as the head of our class, which includes organizing and implementing various activities including field trips, fundraisers, and the Spirit show.

“It’s been really fun getting to know everybody. The hardest part, though, is trying to please everyone,” Jackson said.

Jackson also received the scholarship to Vanderbilt University through the QuestBridge program, a long, rigorous one that involves several essays, teacher recommendations, and extracurricular activities. She began the process last summer and was admitted early decision to Vanderbilt on December 1.

Aside from academic achievements, Jackson also participates in community service. She is a part of Beta club, National Honor Society, DECA, and Spanish club. As part of these clubs, she has gained lots of experience volunteering and helping out in the community and in our school.

“Spanish club has actually been one of my favorite clubs. I just love learning more about the culture,” she said.

Outside of school, she also works at St. Francis Xavier school with the Big Buddy program, an after-school program that encourages mentoring of younger students. She helps them with their homework and any other problems they may be facing.

Jackson is also part of an EMS Explorer Post program. The program trains and certifies people to be a first responder and in CPR. After completing these certifications, Jackson was allowed to ride with EMS personnel on 911 calls.

“It’s something that I really enjoy doing since I want to go into the medical field,” Jackson said. “It’s really great experience and practice.”

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