REMEMBERING IFE: Forever a Bulldog

Alecia Hodges, Staff Writer

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Ifedapo “Ife” Adebamiji is one member of the class of 2017, who will not be walking across the stage at LSU’s Pete Maravich Assembly Center on May 15, but will forever be a part of our graduating class.

During his far-too-short time as a Bulldog, Ife made dear friends and companions as he became someone whose memory will be inerasable to the graduating class of 2017.

Two of Ife’s close friends at BRHS, Chloe Sterling and David Joseph, agree that he was an unforgettable friend. Both met Ife freshman year and soon formed close bonds with him.

Joseph met Ife in PE class.

“We met playing basketball and we just started saying jellyfish and that’s when our friendship started,” he remembers.

Joseph’s favorite memory with Ife was during soccer tryouts when he made perfect pass to him that Ife did not go after.

Joseph said, “After tryouts he told me that he was just too lazy to go for it. Ife was just so positive and funny you couldn’t stay in a bad mood.

“Senior year would have been so much better with him,” Joseph believes.

Sterling, who met Ife in biology class during their freshman year remembers immediately clicking with him.

“We found out our birthdays were three days apart,” and their friendship blossomed. Sterling loved everything about Ife.

“He was the best person at this school. He was so great and I can’t remember ever seeing him mad at anyone.” She does not remember ever being mad at him, either. Even when Ife teased her it was always with love.

Both Sterling and Joseph agree that Ife’s absence is felt during our class’s final days at BRHS. Chloe still thinks about him every day but admits that as we get closer to graduation, the fact that he should be here with us is on her mind even more.

“I definitely wish he was still here,” she said.

“Everyone should remember that he had the best personality a person could have.” Joseph adds.

Clearly everyone does remember this. Ife was voted “Best Personality” for the class of 2017. Because he was and will always be a member of our class, we should all remember him as our days as at BRHS come to an end. Ife was beloved by so many in our graduating class. He will forever be a Bulldog.

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